Controlled Hand Forging Blog Info

“Controlled Hand Forging“, (CHF) a series of forging lessons, was created by blacksmiths who are dedicated to teaching, preserving, and perpetuating the basic processes  of forging.

These blacksmiths were originally assembled by “Artist Blacksmith Association of North America” (ABANA) board members to form the “CHF committee.”  These committee members currently include: Jay Close, Bob Fredell, Dereck Glaser, Tal Harris, Tom Latane’, Dan Nauman (Chairman), Peter Ross, and Doug Wilson.

The CHF lessons were originally published in the ABANA publication, “The Hammer’s Blow.”  Currently, these lessons are also available on the ABANA web-site for anyone to read or download, whether one belongs to ABANA or not.  (See )

As some folks are having trouble finding and/or downloading these lessons, the CHF committee has decided to open a blog to make access to these lessons easier.

When viewing these pages, you can click on the page to enlarge it for easier viewing, or right click a page to print it out or to for downloading to a file.

We will try to add as many lessons as time allows to this blog as soon as possible until the complete series has been applied to these pages.

We look forward to any questions or comments you may have.


…Dan Nauman

CHF Chairman.